Earned Media

Jimmy Shapiro is the Vice President of Publicity for ZMG and has been with the company since January 2005. Jimmy has personal relationships with over 1,000 sports media members, including sports radio show hosts, program directors, and producers through his work in sports radio for over twelve years in each of those roles. Jimmy is currently the host of the podcast Why I Gamble on www.SportsHandle.com. In addition to hosting multiple podcasts, he’s also been instrumental in the development of several new sports radio shows. His media experience includes: seventeen Super Bowls and radio rows at each event, two Final Fours, the Olympics and a multitude of MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL playoff games. Since 2012 ZMG has been managing Army/Navy Radio Row presented by USAA.

Earned Media Services

Media placement and booking: We have relationships with over 1,000 sports media that we directly contact on behalf of your company, brand, or event.
Media booking strategy: Which media outlets to target and why.

Story and pitch angles: We conceptualize story and pitch ideas that will get media pick-up.
Media Recaps: Post-campaign recaps include tracking of media placements and air checks of broadcast placements.

Media Training: Communicate with talent/spokesperson on how to deliver the proper messaging.
Talent: Recommendations and introductions to sports and entertainment talent/spokespersons.

Why earned media is better than paid media:

  • Implied endorsement – Known on-air talent talking first-hand about your company, brand, or event creates an association with your company, brand, or event that cannot be bought.
  • Borrowing brand equity – Media placement and booking allows your company, brand, or event to leverage the credibility of existing media outlets and transfer that credibility from its loyal audience to your company, brand, or event.